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Tapestry is an online E-learning journal to record the development of each child in our setting. This system allows us to work with parents and carers to share information and record the children’s play and learning in and outside of the setting. 

So what is ‘Tapestry’…?
Tapestry provides each individual child with their own e-learning journey held online. Parents and carers are given their own log-in using their email and password (which is pre-set by us but can be changed by you to make it more secure) All our key persons are given secure pin log-in number (which only work when the manager is logged in). Staff can then record and assess children linking to the EYFS curriculum, uploading photo or video media. Once saved and completed each observation is approved and uploaded onto the childs profile.. An email is then automatically generated to parents/carers set up to that child’s account and they are informed that an observation has been added so they can have a look and add any of their own comments to it.
Staff have access to Tapestry on tablets and a central PC so they can upload observations and photographs on a weekly basis. Some of these will be checked by the manager/Deputy before being added to the child’s e-journal and the parent being emailed. 
If you cannot access the internet at home/work we will offer you the opportunity to log-in at Ladybird Forest Pre-School, or alternatively we will print out the observations for you. 
As parents/carers you can choose who has access to your childs e-learning journal. If you would like both parents added or you wish to add grandparents/aunts/uncles etc. to the account please provide written consent with the additional persons email. Only those people who you have given permission to have a login and password will be able to see your child’s journal.        
Please Find Below our Policy and also ‘Tapestry’ Guideline’s and users guides along with their own policy