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Come and support the Pre-School, join the fundrasing team


The Pre-School  are always looking for new ideas and new members to join us at our fundraisng meetings. Why not come along?? There are lots of ways you can contribute to the committee and you don’t need any experience.


I don’t know anything about fundraising at a pre-school…

Nor did many of us when we started! The Committee is made up of a very mixed bunch of people, with different skills and interests. Some of us are working parents, some are stay-at-home parents, some have been on the committee for years and some are new!  and some of us work at the setting. The one thing we’ve all got in common is that we care about Ladybirds Forest Pre-School and want it to succeed.


I wont know anyone there…

You’ll be surprised by how many familiar faces you’ll see and we are a welcoming group of parents/Staff who are keen to meet new members and share ideas. If you have any concerns at all please feel free to speak to any of us, we would be happy to introduce you, or meet you before hand.


Is being on the committee a big commitment?

We only ask that you contribute what you are comfortable doing. We totally appreciate that parents have busy lives outside of ladybirds. So basically, you can get involved as much (or as little) as you like. We do ask that all committee members try to attend as many of the meetings as possible but again there’s no pressure. Obviously there will be busy times and quieter times throughout the year. However, most members don’t have any specific role, so we can volunteer for particular tasks as and when we want to do so.


Why do we need fundraising??

Ladybirds Forest Pre-School is a registered charity – we exist solely for the benefit of the children who attend (and their families). Any profits we make get put straight back into the pre-school. Over the last couple of years, fundraising profits have provided us with new sails at the front of the pre-school (very helpful on those lovely rainy English days), New equipment in the playground,  New reources, Plants for the Forest School, new flooring area and General equipment.

 Why do you want new people to join the committee?

It’s important to us that we know what current parents and carers want from the pre-school now and in the future and to support the staff to help raise funds to contuine to offer the best establishment for all children to learn and thrive.Each September, we tend to lose a few parent members as their children move on to ‘big school’, so we are always looking for new parent volunteers to fill those gaps. This is not to say that you can’t join at anytime. All parents and carers are welcome all year round.


What’s in it for me?

Lots! You can meet new people, learn new skills, or use your existing ones in a new way. Above all, you’ll help to make Ladybirds as good as it can be (and if the warm glow and pride that all that stuff gives you isn’t enough, it’s also a handy thing to be able to put on your CV…).


How can I find out more?

Come along to a meeting or chat to a current committee member. Meetings are held three times a year, during term time. The dates will be advertised in the newsletter, on the website, on Facebook and on the noticeboard. The noticeboard is situated by the squirrels’ entrance. Alternatively, ask the staff to point one of us out to you (we’re really quite nice and very approachable…).



   Hi I’m Zoe Gibson  Pre-School Chair                             


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